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Here's the "Pitch"
Slope determines much of the roof material selection. Shingles may only be used on roofs with a slope of 2-12 or greater.

A rafter's length of horizontal travel is called the "run". The "rise" is the distance from the top of the wall to the top of the rafter, or ridge board. "Slope" is inches of rise per inches of run. Pitch

A 6-12 pitch means the roof rises 6" for every 12" of run. Local codes determine acceptable material for roof pitch. In Minneapolis, a minimum 2% (2-12) slope is required.

Roof pitch above 8-12 is steep and difficult. This factor will increase the re-roofing cost.

Rose Hart's OutSide
Homeowner Overhead
There is nothing to make a homeowner's stomach clutch like rainwater dripping from the ceiling. Although you can often repair a simple leak on your own, after twenty or twenty five years the roof needs replacing. The roof is the home's most expensive, complex and important system. Some fundamental knowledge of this complex system is extremely useful before wading out of the puddles in your house and into the world of roofing contractors. The bad news is that generally speaking, what's covering an older home is no longer up to code; in everything from venting to decking to drainage. The good news is there are a cornucopia of new materials that are more durable, environmentally friendly and can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Be sure to factor gutters into your cost of roof replacement. Gutters are essential to prevent frost heave and wet basements!

The big change is that the City of Minneapolis now requires that ALL existing roofing material be removed before applying new- multiple layers are no longer permitted. Here's the math: A layer of roofing on an 1800 sq.ft. house weighs about 4,000 pounds, about the same weight as a car. Three layers of roofing, add two feet of snow, and the load calculation gets pretty scary.

After the tear-off you may find spaced board decking on homes that were built before WWII. This type of decking was used for wood shingle and is no longer code. Spaced-board decking either needs to be replaced with OSB (or similar material), or gaps of more than 1/2" otherwise filled.

In Minneapolis, an ice barrier underlayment is required. Your contractor should use shingles and felt compatible with the ice barrier- ideally materials manufactured to be used together. The slope of the roof will determine the width and thickness of the ice barrier. Flatter, low-slope roofs will have thicker and wider ice barriers than higher slope roofs.

Minneapolis Requires...
Gutters from a flat roof are not permitted to drain onto adjoining property.

Shingle grit in your gutters means the shingles are failing, usually from hail damage.

Check for dents after a hailstorm. 10dents/10 sq.ft and the roof should be replaced.

Only galvanized metal may be used for hip and valley flashing; roll roofing, tar or shingles may not be used for hip and valley flashing. Metal flashing may be re-used if it is in good condition.

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