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Entertaining Challenge Moments

Our having lived through several seasons and generations of holiday and celebratory gatherings has provided us with a collection of what we call "Entertaining Challenge Moments." If you share our wealth of experience, you'll know what we mean. The birthday party on the hottest day of the year and the electric goes out. The Thanksgiving my grandmother serves the bottle of champagne she's been saving, and it is clearly labeled in very small print "Bubble Bath", but discovering that only after pouring and toasting everyone.

We hope these are the exceptional Challenges, stories that get a lot of mileage because they are so rare and wonderful, revealing how resourceful and funny we are in our Holiday Challenge Moments. Like the fine crystal goblet set that our ancestor bought that now only has seven goblets, and the story of how that came to be so. The more mundane challenges of: 1) unexpected guests; (if you know them, feed them.) 2) Small children and pets; (never let either out of your sight for a second.) 3) The elderly; (take a lot of video and real film pictures.) These challenges can be handled with reasonable preparation and precaution. Our friends and families will generate weird, wacky stories we'll tell over and over, yes, every time a mismatched goblet of champagne is raised in the air. We wish you a safe, joyous and story filled holiday season.

Rose Hart, Realtor
Tricia Fabry, elektrish media

"...did I mention I'm coming home for Christmas Eve and Day because I am!!!"

"Deciding how many cookies need testing, deciding whether to turn the heat up or just snuggle your sweetie, counting the days until you see your family ."

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