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Spring Nesting

During this winter that is not, building a birdhouse can be a fun family project. What’s more, when spring arrives it’ll be all ready for the new arrivals to start raising their families!

There are as many different types of birdhouses as there are types of birds. There are boxes for wood ducks, platforms for robins, and whole apartment complexes for purple martins. Generally, a birdhouse needs to be located in the bird’s usual habitat, whether that's in woodlands or prairie, in a clearing or hidden– but typically all are up high.

Predators, such as cats, raccoons and squirrels need to be discouraged from getting in and eating the birds, their eggs and hatchlings. The usual trick is to mount the bird house onto a PVC or metal pipe. Also, you can extend the roof overhang further than a predator’s reach. In all cases, the birdhouse needs to be located away from any branches that can be used for easy access into the house. For the same reason, don't have a perch on the birdhouse, because it only serves as a handhold for predators and invites starlings and sparrows. There’s nothing more disappointing than building a house, have the eggs hatch, and then the birds abandon it to an aggressive starling.

Just like us, birds like a clean dwelling. One side of the house needs to be fastened with screws, so it can easily be removed for an annual cleaning. It's not recommended to use hooks or latches, because a clever raccoon can open those easily. To further enhance our bird friendly yard, a nearby "squirrel proof" food source and clean water will be irresistible to family of birds looking for just the right nest.

Click here for our plans to build the “Chickadee Chalet.” Anyone with basic woodworking skills can build this easy design.

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