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A rain gauge attached to a deck post is part of the sale property, but not the deck furniture.

Days on Market has declined from 143 in 2012, to 109 so far in 2013.

Rose Hart's

Contents vs Property

The Twin Cities housing market is beginning to thaw, like the snow and ice of this overly long winter. Homeowners who have waited to sell- and buyers who are watching prices climb- are now coming together in an increasingly active market.

A seller wants to give their house the best possible curb- appeal before putting it on the market.

Things like fresh paint, clean rugs and carpets, working windows, and repaired plumbing fixtures. But sellers need to be aware of what are considered a part of the property, and what is considered its contents, when it comes time to sign the Purchase Agreement.

In short, anything that is attached or fastened to the structure itself is a part of the property sale. This includes all window treatments, stained glass windows, shelves and cabinets. In short, everything from ceiling fans to carpeting. If you have a flat screen television fastened to the wall, then unless it is specified in the Purchase Agreement that it is not part of the sale, technically it is part of the property.

Likewise, perennial plants in the garden are also part of the property. If you planted family heirloom bulbs, but you want to take these with you when you move, then the Purchase Agreement needs to stipulate that these bulbs are not part of the sale.

Rose Hart is a licensed RealtorŪ and can help you with the many details of home buying and selling. Call her at 612-250-0119, or email her at

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