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7550 France Ave. S.
Edina, MN

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Rose Hart is licensed in MN

Housing Market Data
Oct 2012 / Oct 2013*:

New Listings in the Twin Cities region increased 15.1 percent to 6,102

Closed sales up 1.9%
to 4,495

Inventory levels shrank 3.7 percent to 15,556

Days on Market
decreased to 75 days

Median Sales Price increased 11.4 percent to $195,000

Average Sales Price increased from $220,214 to $240,124

Despite sixteen days of federal government shutdown in October the Twin Cities housing market continued on an upward trend.
*October Data from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

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Rose Hart'sOUTSIDE


Last weekend I was up on the ladder cleaning the gutters and I noticed an edge of the cedar siding looked chewed. Further examination revealed drill patterns above all the north side windows, and near the end of the house there were two one- inch holes drilled completely through the siding. Woodpecker!

My first act was to search online for "repairing woodpecker damage". First, immediately fill the holes. Wood plugs, or silicone caulk weren't universally recommended because many times the woodpeckers come back and drill through again. Although we thought the vinyl concrete patch was a good suggestion, we opted for roof tar patch. Primarily because we have a lot of it and we needed to get them filled before it rained. Secondly, we already knew its foul taste discouraged raccoons, so we surmised woodpeckers weren't likely to find it too tasty either.

Love, Housing and Food
Further research ruled out a male drumming for a mate, or nesting; which are more likely to happen in April. Perhaps the woodpecker was after boring insects. In the past, carpenter ants have created huge problems for us and so I routinely spray insecticide along the foundation sill and rafter tails. Nevertheless I put on my coveralls, a mask and went up into the attic to have a look. I found nothing but the shriveled remains of two beetles, but boring insects would be difficult to detect so I sprayed again. I sat silently and listened for scratching and buzzing, which would indicate paper wasps. Nothing but the whistling wind of the approaching storm.

Our best guess was that the woodpecker was establishing territory. Their usual habitat is old, decaying trees- but a large number of trees were recently removed from the area in a burst of new construction, and there were numerous windstorms this year that knocked down the kinds of trees that woodpeckers relish.

Bird Houses
One of the more attractive and humane suggestions I found was to build houses just for the woodpeckers. Here now is my next woodworking project: A house designed and built for their preferences. It will be quite deep, 22-26 inches, with a two- inch entry hole 16-20 inches above the floor. In this regard other bird species, squirrels and raccoons will not find it too attractive. I read that painting the interior with white barn paint will discourage starlings. (NOTE: Barn paint is formulated to be non-toxic to most animals.) The inside dimensions will be about 6"x6". Then, filling it to the entry hole with sawdust supposedly fools the bird into thinking it's excavating a natural nest. We'll see if this works.

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