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Housing Market Data
July, Twin Cities Region

Despite a 9% increase in inventory, the July Median Sales Price increased 3.4% to $215,000, from $208,000 in July of 2013. (In 2009 it was $166,600.)

Days on Market decreased from 72 to 68.

Median Price for Short Sales rose to $155,000 from $151,500 last year.

*Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Gutters, Drains and Basements.

Sometime in May, when the rains began to fall before the ground was thawed, I received some calls about water in basements. Last winter was a "once every 100 years" winter, but if it happens again next year here are some handy tips for keeping a basement dry.

Foundation Slope: The cheapest and easiest way to effect a drier basement is to slope the ground away from the foundation. Landscapers use black plastic covered with a couple of inches of landscape rock. Notice I said, "black plastic." Black plastic is intended for outdoor use by roofers and landscapers, whereas generic clear plastic will disintegrate after a couple of months.

Keep soil at least eight inches away from wood siding to protect against rot and insects.

French Drains: If the area around the foundation is narrow, or at a bad pitch; 1) a trench is dug under the overhangs and lined with black plastic, 2) perforated black plastic drain pipe that's wrapped in landscape fabric is pitched to a plastic or concrete drywell, 3) the trench is filled with gravel, and covered with topsoil.*

Gutters: Gutter downspouts ending less than 10 feet from the foundation will contribute to a wet basement. The City is fairly emphatic about their proper drainage;

244.520. Rainwater drainage. All rainwater shall be so drained and conveyed from every roof so as not to cause dampness in the walls, ceilings, or floors of any portion of the dwelling or of any adjacent building or structure. Gutters and downspouts, if provided, shall be kept in a professional state of repair and in compliance with the provisions of section 244.500.

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Resources and Notes:

*Minneapolis ordinance prohibits rainleaders- gutters that directly connect to the storm sewers, The complete Ordinance is at,,228010,00.html

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