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Housing Market Data
August, Twin Cities Region
Year to Date:

The August Median Sales Price: $219,001

Days on Market: 68.

Percentage of Original List Price Received: 96.3%.

New Listings: 6959.

*Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Running Away From Home

keyBugThe furnace is on again for the second time this month, and soon it will be time for the Snowbirds to FLY! Last winter was extreme and in some areas the frost line was at 8 feet, well below the normal 3 or 4 feet, and many vacationers returned to burst pipes and a flooded basement. Before taking off, consider some of these tips to ensure the safety of your nest.

Inside the House:

  1. Set timers on at least two interior lights, in case a bulb burns out on one, and also set a timer on a radio.
  2. Unplug all the electronics: computer, TV, stereo, etc. It's also a good idea to unplug the washer and dryer, and small appliances like toasters and coffee pots.
  3. If you have an automatic security system, call and tell them you’ll be away from home, and say if anyone will be visiting the house while you're gone. Make sure the alarm is properly set when you leave.
  4. Put all your valuables away. A thief shouldn't be able to inventory all your goodies by peeking through the window and then smashing and grabbing. Put your account statements and other valuables in either a safety deposit box or a home safe.
  5. Turn off the water main and wrap the main water supply with pipe heat cable. If you haven't done this already, insulate pipes in the attic and crawlspaces. Ask a neighbor or friend to stop by and check on the house and periodically turn on the faucets to ensure the pipes don’t freeze.
  6. Set your furnace thermostat at 55 degrees or above. Your homeowner insurance may not cover any cold related damage if the heat isn't on!
  7. Lock all the doors and windows and double check. This seems obvious, but statistics show the majority of burglars get into the house through an unlocked door or window.
Outside the House:
  1. Remove all keys from any "secret" hiding places.
  2. Trim tree branches overhanging the house, and prune any shrubs that may provide cover for lurking.
  3. Lock the inside garage access door and unplug the automatic garage door opener to deter thieves using universal remotes. If your car is usually parked on the street, you need to give someone a key to move it so it isn't towed away in a Snow Emergency.
  4. If the garage door lifts on a track, a C-clamp tightened on the track next to the roller can prevent the door from being opened.
  5. Frost or cover your garage windows, then burglars won’t be able to tell if your car is gone.
  6. Have someone lined up to shovel any snow.
  7. Stop mail and newspaper delivery, and doing this online is best practice.
Mum's the Word:
  1. If you take a taxi to the airport, keep the information you give to the cab driver to a minimum, since they already know where you live and that you'll be gone. Don't share any travel information with the driver, other passengers, or over the phone. The best bet is to have a friend or relative drive you to the airport.
  2. Leave the itineraries and slideshows off your social media pages until you're back home again.
Parking Your Car:
  1. If you drive yourself to the airport, don't leave anything in your car that has your home address on it, like mail, magazines or newspapers.
  2. Remove the GPS from your car. If it's programmed to your home address, that makes it too easy for a burglar. Generally, it's advisable to change the HOME address to a nearby public area.
  3. Remove the garage door opener from the car.

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