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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Snow Throwing and Blowing

keyBugIt's not so much that the body has failed, but the mind's will sometimes falters. The will to shovel an inch and a half of slush, with each shovel full weighing more and more, and each winter following more closely on the last.

It's a matter of Minnesota pride that we shovel the stuff. No one outside our great state believes this, nor that it's the reason why we live longer. Unless we die shoveling snow.

A dozen or so years ago a relative moved south and we inherited a small, purse- size snow thrower. For a few years it sat unused in the garage, pride glancing past its fading red cover. Then one day the thought got into my head to get it to run. Since that time, as soon as the outboard is winterized the Little Thrower was gotten ready. It became a beloved friend and an essential part of our winter rituals.

Little Thrower heroically soldiered through last year's brutal winter, and like a true hero, waited until May to quit. Its flappy thing no longer had enough power to grip and flip the snow. We need a snow blower. If for nothing else but the grateful murmurings of thrower-less neighbors when they hear us chugging down their walk in 10 degrees after an overnight blizzard; and their rewards of homemade cookies and bread.

This year's winter weather arrived much too soon and the Little Thrower's replacement isn't ready. This newer machine is slightly larger, but we got it for really, really cheap because it "doesn't start." But usually a small engine not starting is because of ethanol gasoline.

Most folks will just pour in any old gas, without an additive to keep the fuel from separating. In small engines like snow blowers, lawn mowers and outboards the short term drawback of ethanol is that it pulls water into the engine and the gas itself. Long-term, it corrodes metal parts, stiffens seals and tubing, and leaves gummy deposits in the carburetor. With a little elbow grease and a few new parts we believe we can get this Big Bertha tossing some snow. And we hope very soon!

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