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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Make it Sparkle: Paint

The Spring Housing Market starts soon, and now is a good time to get ready! We present what we hope will be helpful hints and tips to help you with preparations.

Many cities require a time of sale inspection, so for the sake of brevity let's assume that the mechanical systems in the house are all up to code and in working order. There are no broken windows or torn screens, the exterior doors are bright and shiny and all their hardware functions flawlessly.

First order of business is a visualization exercise. To begin, sit in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because everyone visits it at least twice a day. Ditto the bathroom, but it's nicer to have our coffee in the kitchen.

On our to-do list, we remark that we'd like to paint the kitchen. But the first task on our list will be, "Remove things I won't be packing and moving." The second item is, "Are there repairs or updates that need to be made before we paint?" Make a list of these, and also the supplies needed with an expense budget. Make a folder for receipts, because some moving expenses may be tax deductible.

Will the ceiling or cupboards also need to be painted? Next to these items we'll have a budget column for paint and painter's supplies. If you're doing this yourself, then you want this to look as professional as you can, so make sure there's plenty budgeted for tape and drop cloths!!


There are a lot of pro tips available for picking the right paints, but a few common points are: Glossy is a good finish for hard wearing or wet locations, but it will emphasize surface flaws. Putting a dark color on a wall against an uneven white ceiling edge will emphasize the wiggly line. Changing a wall color will take two coats. Textured ceilings take twice as much time and paint as a smooth surface. Acrylic paint cannot be painted over an oil paint, the surface must first be primed with a quality oil primer. If you're not sure, firmly rub a cotton ball wetted with nail polish remover on a small area. If the paint comes off, it's acrylic. If not, it's oil.

Visualize the colors as you move through the house. A consistency of colors and tones throughout will enhance the room to room flow. Abrupt changes in tone can be disorienting.

After we're done painting, we're not going to put stuff back. Instead we're going to arrange the home's elements to emphasize the high points, and mute its shortcomings. Next month we'll provide a few artsy Composition Principles to achieve this effect.

Of course, I'm happy to walk through with you and make suggestions on how to maximize your sale!

Contact Rose Hart at 612-250-0119 or Sally Bader- Hoagland to view this listing.