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Frequently Overlooked
Staging Details

Remove all photos and magnets from the refrigerator.

Clean the stove, refrigerator and microwave inside and out.

Clean the broom closet.

Hide the piles of mail, including stacks of catalogs and magazines.

Clean out the garage. Sell, donate or toss unused project materials, broken tools and inoperative machinery.

Remedy any pet or strong cooking odors.

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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Make it Sparkle: Clean!

This is the last of our series on getting your home ready to sell. Before we put on a pot of coffee for our first Seller's Open House, there remain a few critical items requiring our attention that may be neatly summed up in one word: Clean. Light fixtures to floors, everything sparkly clean. Kitchen and bath- spotless. Start at the top and work your way down.

1503eNewsPresent your house as one that a buyer can move into effortlessly.

Closet doors will be opened during the Open House. If any are disorganized or stuffed full, then it's time to sort, sell and donate, or pack and store. Let people see the floor space!

Cupboards and cabinets will be opened by a serious potential buyer. They won't want to see dirt, disorder, puddles, or an extra large variety of pesticides under the kitchen sink.

Utility rooms and workshops need the same attention. Have you collected many expensive, nice woodworking tools in your shop area? Pack them and put them in storage. Our best advice is to pack and store all sensitive documents, collections, expensive and irreplaceable items.

It may be possible that children and a clean house can co-exist. For the Open House a few of their favorite things can be stashed in a toy box, and the remainder packed and stored. Admittedly, it's hard enough for the little ones to see their rooms change from the Ultimate Ninja Turtle Nest to plain walls, but parents can assure their children that it's just for a short while.

Potential buyers want to see how much space there is in the home. The less there is of your stuff, the easier it is for people to visualize their stuff in the available space.

Our goal is always to sell the house as quickly as possible, and for the best possible price. We hope these Spring Market hints and tips have been helpful. Call me at 612-250-00119 for more personalized suggestions about getting your home ready for sale!

Contact Rose Hart at 612-250-0119 or Sally Bader- Hoagland for more info.