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Edina, MN

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Security and Liability

We hate to say this, but there are enough real, true horror stories that you need consider personal liability.

We highly recommend you set things up so people can look at your merchandise while they remain on the sidewalk, off your property.

Omit snapping, pinching, chopping, or malfunctioning machinery.

Don't allow anyone into your house, not even under the pretense of "using the washroom."

Quick Change Artists:
Have a place to set down the bill you are handed, and fully complete one transaction before starting another.

Have a Really Big Sign stating clearly,

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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

The Yard Sale; Moving!

yardSaleCrocus, Robins and Yard Sales are all sure signs of Spring's arrival! Moving Sales do double duty as a way to get rid of stuff that won't see the new house, plus raise cash for new furnishings.

Pricing. Since Yard Sales provide the Antiques Road Show with so many jaw dropping moments, let's talk pricing. Garage Sale shoppers are notorious for haggling, even to the extreme of offering a dime for a two bit item. However, you want to maximize profit to furnish your new house! Do a little research. Antique Dealers often troll garage sales, and you'd be wise to check items for potential collector values, then decide if the Yard Sale is really the best venue. That scruffy wood cabinet you pilfered from your mom's garage? A Dealer will resell it for upwards of forty bucks, which is also about the same price as a new one.

Set up and Presentation. Curb appeal applies to the Moving Sale just as it did for selling the house! Tables and a canopy are essential, and make everything look happy for the people parting with their money. Clothes hung wrinkle-free on a rack are more appealing and are easier for buyers to view fully. Displaying items in cut-away cartons looks neater, and it also makes it easier to organize and haul stuff. Place small and expensive items on a table where you can keep a close eye on them.

Get Help. You'll need at least one helper for breaks and busy times- because tales abound of theft and tag switching. It'll also serve as good personnel training and team building for moving day.

Marketing. Like many communities, our neighborhood has an annual yard sale day, so it's a simple matter to just have everything ready for that weekend. Word of advice, don't be caught unawares and pick that weekend to clean out the garage! For more remote sale locations, generally a few directional signs are enough, since garage sale hobbyists are a significant population and Smart phones are often used to connect groups trolling different areas. In this regard, be mindful of the power of Internet social media before putting out any "really personal items."

Money. This is why we don't sell our outdated, ugly old fanny packs, because they're useful Yard Sale money belts. You'll need enough seed money to change a twenty dollar bill, and in truth you won't want to accept a bill larger than a twenty. Have enough coins filling your pocket to make you tilt sideways.

Sentiment. It's human. If you can't bear to part with something, then don't. Everyone has a time for letting go, and it's not always on the same schedule as moving.

Contact Rose Hart at 612-250-0119 or Sally Bader- Hoagland for more info.